The Odd One Out 2022

This album is the first work of Delenda Est. Its sound is heavily influenced by early 2000s bands, such as Evanescence and Linkin Park, and the heavy riffs of the 90s music. It tries to offer a unique musical experience that runs from any preconception about what a metal album should be. Heavy distorted metal riffs, pounding drums and energetic rhythms are mixed with elaborated melodies full of beauty to create this musical journey. This album tells de story of a character called The Odd One Out that will be the guide of the listener through a world of light and darkness in search of self-knowledge, personal growth and, all in all, a place in life.

1. No Longer Blind

2. In Your Face

3. One Thousand and One Nights

5. My Fairytale

6. You’ve Got The Blues

9. For Your Sake – For My Sake

10. The Odd One Out