10. The Odd One Out


“By this time I should be there” Thought the Odd One Out, sitting next to a pond that rested close to the path. “I should have reached a place where I feel comfortable, a place that I feel like home. I should have achieved something, any goal. But still, I am on this endless road. What have I been doing? Just walking, just going through so much but still aimlessly.” The reflexion that the water showed seemed unfamiliar. “Why can´t I find my place? There is no rest for me or the little rest I find never lasts more than a couple of hours. It feels as if I had been condemned to walk forever, not belonging anywhere.”

The Odd One Out examined the unfamiliar reflexion on the pond. “I don´t recognise that face, but I do recognise those new wrinkles. Those are worry lines for my uncertain future, those are for laughing and those are for crying. I do also recognise those scars made by the risks I took, calculated or not. Those tired eyes that look at me, perhaps sadder but wiser, are still mine. Yes, definitely, this is me. This is me with all my dreams, the ones that came true and the ones which didn´t. This is me with all my failures, forgiven or not. This is me, with all the lessons I have learnt and the ones I still need to. This is me, accompanied or alone. This is me, with my demons and with every inch of beauty I have inside waiting to enlighten the world as long as I am able to. I am still The Odd One Out and being here right now, alone with my own story feels so much like home”.



How can I feel such a freak, such a god dammed outsider for just being myself?

Blamed for whatever I am, for whatever I stand for, for what I am not

Judged and found guilty of being such a broken persons

A black sheep in the herd you hate to see

Keep closing your eyes still I won’t disappear ´cause this is me



You can´t explain


No, there is no way I change you’d better accept

Open your eyes and see what’s to be me

No matter what you say this won’t change

Open your eyes and see what`s to be me


Feeling like the odd one out in an endless journey to find my heart

Lost in the mist of illusions of that I should be disappointing you

Never crushed by the dreams left behind

A swimmer against this tide we’re forced to love



But never changed