5. My Fairytale


After long time wandering, The Odd One Out had finally found a destination, somewhere to go to, a place that seemed to be a promise of peace for a soul tired of fighting. The first days of this new adventure were pleasant, like waking up from a nightmare by a sweet kiss, but then the road became harder. First it was just some of the stones of the road having been removed. They could be easily replaced by others nearby. But as The Odd One Out went on walking there were so many missing that it was almost impossible to follow the path.

“I will do whatever it takes to make my way” Thought the Odd One Out. “I will even use parts of me to fix this road to my dreams”. But after running out of body parts, just half of the road had been rebuilt. “Ok, if I had no body left, I will use parts of my soul for this road” But after running out of soul, the destiny still seemed so far away. Desperate, the Odd One Out Thought: “I will use whatever I find, whatever I make, whatever I have left”. And the road ended up paved by lies and betrayals which seemed endless, but when the Odd One Out looked at the end of the road just to watch a horrifying picture: the destination, those promises of peace had become something else, corrupted by those lies and betrayals. “How could I think that the worst of me could be used to make the road to my dreams? Now nothing remains as it should be”. And the Odd One Out turned around to start picking up those few pieces of body and soul that could still be recovered.



I don’t want the wind to bring me your name back

I don’t want to read again this fairy tale of mine

When the king and the queen hid monsters deep inside

And my only wish was forgotten by shooting stars

This love made me a sinner

I used to be a believer

I will not drown on your river of sorrow

I hid too long what I’m feeling

I’m sick and tired of dreaming

Wasting my life and receiving nothing

This is your way of living

You´ll be the one winning

Your twisted blackjack

I bet it, I lost it

You left me nothing

I believed I could hold this for long

In the end remains nothing

Can´t you see? I can face it no more

Now my soul is empty


I kept your secrets from myself for you to seem a saint

I drew the love of your smile

I searched for kindness in the words that tore the love I felt

I used to bet for this love

But I can no more!


I´ll fly now

I´m free now

You´ve been my jail

You feel it

Just give in

Don’t call me “mine”

You can see there´s no shame in my eyes

I don´t need time

I can feel your blame in me no more

´Cause I can no more!

I can no more!

This love made me a sinner

I used to be a believer

I will not drown on your river