6. You’ve Got The Blues


Darkness and loneliness surrounded The Odd One Out. Where they real? In that moment the sense of reality had lost so much importance that It didn´t really matter. Eight thousand people with eight thousand lights could have been there but still nothing would have changed in that feeling. But, although being thousands of miles away from any aspect of reality that could disturb it, the mind of the Odd One Out was deep into the clamour of the hardest battle. There, a choir of voices were mercilessly evaluating and judging every recent event.

“How can you possibly be such a stupid being?” said one of them, “If only you had made other choices you wouldn´t be like this. You have lost everything you had and what for? Just to follow a childish dream that even you knew to be impossible”. “Maybe you didn´t know it” said another, “Maybe you are too foolish to see what it´s obvious for even the silliest person. Or maybe it is just that you love to fail in everything you intend to do”. “There is no hope for you” spitted a third one, “You will always be alone, just accompanied by your failures, the memories of everything you lose and the guilt of everything you destroy.”

 All that jury of voices, just real in the Odd One Out´s mind, flooded the wounded heart of The Odd One Out in pain. But that pain was, at least, familiar. Much better than the nothingness that everything real seemed to offer.



Lost in the shadows, just your demons by your side

A cigarette gives light to broken kind-off man

Remind a time when everything was coming down

Emptiness fills your glass


Looking for answers you didn´t want to find

Tears of bile wetting memories of lies

Crossing again those long ago forgotten lines

Pounding the walls of prisons deep inside your mind

You´ve got the blues!


You´re a broken man

Empty shell of man

With a frozen heart of rage

You can´t get out from the dark

You are a shadow of man

Between heaven and hell

With the eyes of a mad

You´ve got the blues!


Wasted by this cruel life

And a love of pain

You were crying for a sign

When your hope passed by