3. One Thousand And One Nights


The Odd One Out looked deep into those true eyes and felt trapped in a cage. Every thorny bar mercilessly lacerated body and soul for equal. However, that pain was sweeter than the previous loneliness. Could that be the price to pay in exchange for that truth, for that warmth, so elusive among the world? It could be fare. As the time passed by, the prison became smaller, the pain grew bigger and the blood flowing from that wounded soul and body wouldn’t let The Odd One out see those lovely eyes.

But, what were those bars made of? They were made of promises, indeed. And, how could promises imprison someone? All those made to heal the heart, to ease the tired feet, built the cage. Where those promises ever made? Maybe not. Maybe they were just implied. Just enough to make hope arise. And as that hope vanished, so did the bars, leaving The Odd One out alone again, alone and wounded.



Cold eyes but a heart so warm

I silently stare at you

I´m feeling my dreams come true

When you see me and smile, just once

You are reading my soul so clear

I try to write a tale where we are heroes in love and war

You see it and smile, once more

I am the one that every night watches you sleep

You let me in just enough, just a dose more

You can´t believe that I feel

Look at my face, just once

You´ve been saying in no one you trust

That you need more time

I have seen you trusting the streets

I don´t need more time to see.


A thousand nights to show your love

Just needed one to see your lies

You love yourself, no more feelings

Now I see that you are the snake that I don’t need in my life