1. No Longer Blind


The eyes of The Odd One Out watched the world as if they could see it for the first time. It was painfully obvious; outside the window what once was familiar and friendly now revealed its true nature. Reality seemed to be a rusty engine; rotten by greed, corruption and selfishness. How could it possibly keep on working as old as it was? The misery of many was the only lubricant that kept the machinery on. For too many decades it had malfunctioned. Could it be more obvious?

For a moment those eyes caught a glimpse of the night sky. There, countless stars were shinning; full of hope; full of future. Were they stars? Could they be eyes? They resembled the eyes of the ones willing to make a change. They were so alike to the ones of The Odd One Out´s face. They looked at the world knowing that a change had to be done. They were fully awake now. They were No Longer Blind.



I feel the rabid winds of change

The youth is due to rise against

The flag of hope will wave again

For those who gave their lives before

The silenced voices of the world

The ones who thought they stood alone

From the ground we rise

Leave fears aside

No longer blind

In the streets we’ll fight

When fire burns bright

To win or to die

They will hear us cry


Together we fight

The greed of some can’t beat our might

We had enough

We want it we’ll get it

A new world is knocking at the door

Just let it come

Rage burning inside is leading us to a new day

All their lies end today

We’re no longer blind


Silenced no more

We were for too long

The time is still to come

Their world ends today

They no longer lead

We break the chains


They will hear us cry