Delenda Est - Banda
Band members: Victor Ruiz, Sergio Ocio, Irenka Pastor, Javier Martinez, Sara Mauleón

The idea for Delenda Est was born around 2010 in the bottom of a bar in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Likewise many others, we were just a group of teenagers siting around a table willing to emulate those bands that we listened to in the bars, at the streets or at home. That idea, however, went from that bar to a garage, were we had our first rehearsal; from there to a proper rehearsing room and, eventually, to every stage that gave us the option to play. As the places where we play were evolving, so was our musical proposition: it went from covers of those songs fuelled us up to compositions that came from the bottom of our hearts.

The fact that we have been more than 10 years in the world of music means that we have had a lot of ups and downs, a lot of stories to tell and, obviously, a lot of hard times. For a long time line-up changes, the lack of resources and any other kind of difficulties was the general dynamic in our story. That is nothing new for self-managed bands. However, just like Cato the Elder who, without knowing it, baptised us; we are persistent and we don´t give up easily. This persistency has made us try it once and again and this has, finally, made us grow more than what any of us expected.

This way, we won the price of the best band with feminine members in 2018 in the Gaztetalent contest and, little by little, we started to play in different venues, sharing stages with international bands like VA Rocks or The Amorrettes. We have also been part of other projects like Rocking Ladies. In 2022 we have presented our first album: “The Odd One Out”, a conceptual album that covers all our musical history but also represents the beginning of a new stage for us. Our musical proposition consists on energy onstage; looking for beauty but without losing heaviness; we get inspired from rock and metal but we do not classify in any style; we make music that moves and touches us. We are Delenda Est and, with this ideas as manifest, we have no limit.

We didn´t miss the headbanging, energy and jumps in the perfect show that Delenda Est provided the audience.

-Gasteiz Hoy-



From her fist acoustic songs in the solitude of her room to the heavy riffs that she implements onstage, melody and the search for beauty are constant in her. Strongly influenced by the music of the 2000s, she is also keen on writing, photography and cinema. Sara and her guitar fill every song of beauty, colour and variations.  

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Sara Mauleón – Osteguna Rock 2019



His powerful and energetic riffs that his guitar adds to the songs of Delenda Est is the perfect counterpoint to the vocal melodies. His influences move around the 90s music but he is attracted to any kind of music that feels deep and sincere. Curiosity and inquisitiveness guide him to all his other passions: history, cinema, literature and any kind of art that has an story to tell.

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Javi Martinez – 2019



He is the foundations where every song is built. His drum beats provide every song with the strength it need but, also are full of subtle and complex turns that make them more interesting. His influences go from the classical heavy metal to modern music and are really varied; just like his hobbies: nature, climbing or any other sport that is done in contact with nature. 

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Victor Ruiz – 2021


Bass Guitar

His bass lines give the classical feel to the songs of Delenda Est. His influences lie on classical rock and roll and the notes he plays remind us to bands like the Beatles or Judas Priest. However, this contributes to the songs, acting like a bridge between the classical and the actual music. Apart from music, sports and animals are his passions.

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Sergio Ocio – Osteguna Rock 2019



Her voice is the storyteller in the stories that every of the songs of Delenda Est tell. Versatile and varied, her vocal range can be sweet, energetic or even lyrical, as she is versed in classical singing. From punk to zarzuela, she has many different influences that provide Delenda with many different resources. Photography, handcrafting, fashion and informatics are some of the hobbies of this multitasking singer.

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Irenka Pastor – 2021