9. For Your Sake – For My Sake


And there was the Odd One Out again; halfway from a promise of happiness; halfway from something like peace. Once again, the road was not as easy as it seemed. Some stones of the pavement had to be replaced again and some of them could not be replaced. And just like before the Odd One Out started using pieces of body and soul to make a new way towards that desired destiny. But even these pieces where running out again and with them the threat of repeating the same old mistakes appeared. But still that seemed the only path to a happiness that had always been so elusive, so aloof. Those hopes were making The Odd One Out give more and more, ignoring what had happened before, filling a hole on the road after the other.

But in that moment, a stone moved by the exhausting fixing work hit the Odd One Out straight on one of the scars left by paving another previous way. That was a hole in the Odd One Out´s body, a hole that could never be filled again. “What was it for? Just to try to make an effort that would leave me empty; and, even worse, to destroy any possibility for me or anyone to find happiness here? I can´t do that, I can´t fix this road on my own and I can´t risk all that beauty for my own sake”.  And the Odd One Out turned around, looking for a new way. That path didn´t need to have dreams as a goal, but it could hide them in every bend.



I could give all I am but it wasn’t good enough for you

All my dreams could hit the floor if like that I’d make you smile


Can’t you share my feelings?

I´d die for your sake

Is it just me dreaming?

Your dreams are my goal


How could you deny it? Could you?

I´ve been waiting for your love to heal the pain inside

Look deep in my eyes

I feel it, you can´t

My hope is nothing

Still you´re everything in my life


Couldn´t you share my feelings?

I died for your sake

Was it just me dreaming?

You can´t help to be free to leave me

1 2 3 4

Let’s go!


I´ve been waiting for your love to save me but my only saviour was my own

You´re my prison, my disease of hatred and my cure is just letting you go


Scars painting my body and a heart perhaps too cold

I now see my feelings as a way out of this sorrow

I punished my soul to be a better man, a better thing