4. Bonds


“Can`t things be easier? I know what I must do but every choice I have taken has just led me to more trouble. Why is it so hard? Why do good intentions end up in harsh words? Why is trust paid with betrayal?  My determination to make a change is still there but sometimes it is so hard to see. I don’t want to give up, but I feel so tired”. All these doubts hounded the Odd One Out as the need of shelter, of somewhere to rest, became more and more pressing.  Suddenly a voice passed through all those thoughts like sun light passes through dark clouds: “Why don`t you stop to rest for a minute?” Those words took the Odd One Out back to reality. “I´m not alone. I was so tired of fighting that I couldn´t remember how to stop doing it.”

In that moment The Odd One Out felt save, for once in a very long time. There, with those people, all the troubles could be told or kept but more importantly they could be forgotten for a while. Before leaving The Odd One Out said:

 “My journey is mine. No one can walk it for me. However now I remember where I can return to rest. It is not home, but you make it feel so alike.”



When your day fades to black

And no matter what you do

When you are out of luck

And you rise to fall again

See that everything isn’t lost

Rise up from the dust

We will never let you down

We are that helping hand

When life hits hard, hold your ground



By something more than blood

You won’t!

You won’t be left all alone

We are!

Someone with you till the end


By all those nights of booze

We won’t!

Let your spirit crack and fall

We are!

The strength inside of you


Trouble seems to fade away

In the bottom of the bar

And the pain drowns tonight

In the beer of your glass

When a friendly silence means much more

Than what hurts you deep inside

And you feel that just with your mates

You can face this fucking life

[Chorus x 2]