8. Alive


“I can´t go further” thought The Odd One Out and the bleeding feet and the burning lungs agreed. “How much time have I been running from fear, uncertainty, loneliness and, all in all, pain? Hours? Decades?” It seemed a whole life. A whole life trying to avoid those feelings that, in the end, where always waiting around the corner, inside every loved person or just inside the Odd One Out´s heart which was kept immersed in that sick and endless hunting game.

“But I am not the prey. There is no prey. There is no hunt” thought the Odd One Out turning around. Those shadows, those fears and that pain, they all were there, silently standing, mercilessly judging. The Odd One Out sat down, holding that look that was like looking into the deepest abyss and said:

  • Now I can listen to what you have to say.

And that conversation finally happened for the first time in their lives. There was pain in the words, also tears and, above all, there was a lot of feelings that finally where discovered, unleashed. And when the talk finished, tears of joy where dropped to the ground like the seeds of a new life.



I feel alive

I needn’t hold this feeling

The more I tried not to believe it

The more my heart turned a piece of ice

Opaque enough not to see through

Not thick enough to hide the truth

Long time hiding in the dark

From myself

Now I know who I am

Hold on to what you have

There’s no need for looking back

Don’t conceal your feelings

Happy to cry, happy for living


Sometimes water sets the fire

Burning inside of your mind

Sometimes gloomy, others healing

Giving you a deeper insight

Wash away that pain you’re feeling

Leaving your fears aside

I feel alive


Never run from what your guts say

Never be afraid from pain

Your wounds are lessons to be learnt

Don’t feel ashamed, nor stupid or upset

You’ll be stronger than you were

No more hiding your scars

That would be hiding all that you are

You will learn from your pain

Why to kneel, why to fight till the end

No more keeping

What you are feeling

No more keeping pain inside