7. Therapy


“How much punishment can a soul stand before breaking?” That was the only thought of the Odd One Out, all surrounded by shadows. Each of those shadows was an uncertainty, a fear, a menace of failure, a reminder of past mistakes. But all of them converged in a unique darkness that wouldn´t let the light pass through.

But in that moment of desperation, when no way out seemed possible, a melody started in the Odd One Out´s heart, like a single flower that blooms alone in the Badlands. And just like a flower the melody grew, timid first, then more and more powerful until the sound of it became light. That light, coming straight from the Odd One Out´s heart, couldn´t vanish the darkness around but still created a perimeter of peace around that tortured soul. From there every one of the shadows could be differenced from the others. And that darkness, now cut up in pieces of it was less threatening, for the first time.


The moonlight will shine upon my way

When fears of yesterday fill my dreams of anger and pain

My song will never end

If to music I could pray to ignite the fire of men

Oh music listen me pray

My hope will guide our way

The chords lead our fate