May 14th in Bilbao

DELENDA EST is presenting their debut album, “The Odd One Out”, in the AZKENA, one of the best known venues of Bilbao, along with ALMA CULTER, who present their brand new album “Caos”.

The alternative metal band from Vitoria-Gasteiz, Delenda Est, arrive at Bilbao to present the conceptual album that represents the beginning of their discography. Their energetic and personal sound is the best cover letter for this band that displays an emotional approach to music, far from etiquettes and giving importance to the expressivity. Their progressive music has mede them be considered as “one of the biggest promises in Spain regarding modern metal” (David Esteban, Mariskal Rock).

Alma Culter, likewise, presents their second studio album. This band from Bilbao, formed by veteran musicians from the city, brings a heavy metal proposition led by Marilu. A long musical career endorses this frontwoman, who is considered to be “the first woman in a heavy metal band” in the Spanish scene.